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Tourist city Goa to spend Rs. 14 crore on cleanliness
The Goa tourism department is planning to spend a whopping 14 crore annually for beach cleaning with 7 crore for each district. The tourism department has decided to clean all 40 beaches by adopting an integrated system comprising mechanical and manual means wherever necessary. The North and South Goa stretches will be managed by two Mumbai-led consortiums, Bhumika Transport, Waste Handling Services, and Ram Engineering and Construction Company, respectively.

The garbage collected will be segregated into glass, metal, paper and cardboard and other bio-degradable substances, plastic and non-recyclable waste before its safe disposal. According to a tourism official, the system will also provide well-maintained litter bins at an interval of every 100 m for the benefit of tourists.

The comprehensive beach cleaning will include combing of wet and dry sands with the help of beach cleaning machines as well as manually, depending on the population on the beach. It will be carried out on a daily basis ensuring that the beach beds are clean, safe for barefoot walkers. Special efforts will be made to clean the beaches soon after idol immersions, beach weddings, film shootings or any other tourism-related activity.

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