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Designer gets thrashed for stopping litterbugs

A 44-year old designer, Vistasp Kharas was assaulted in Mumbai by two youngsters in their mid- twenties when they were asked not to litter on the road. The incident took place when one of the accused threw a soft drink can on the road while they were in their BMW waiting at a signal. The victim, Kharas, who was in his BMW just behind the accused, picked up the can and walked up to the duo. Annoyed by Kharas’s intervention, the accused got off and assaulted him and soon fled in their car as the signal turned green.

A 23-year-old engineering student, Abhishek Rao, who witnessed the shamed BMW litterbugs Armaan Chaudhry and Ronit Kanuga thrashing Kharas, turned up at the Bandra police station. Vistasp suffered a broken nose, cuts on his face and a bruised shoulder; an FIR was registered by the Bandra police later that night under Sections 323, 325, 504 and 34 for assault and intimidation. Fortunately, a case was been registered against the duo but the littering act was left unnoticed. Despite this, Kharas is determined to continue his fight against littering.

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