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Pee and get paid in Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has come with something unusual like paying people money if they visit the nearest public toilets. Henceforth the user will be tipped a rupee to pee at the right spot!

In a similar case in Darechowk in Katmandu in Nepal, this idea was first implemented and had worked well. In Ahmedabad, the AMC will implement the scheme in 67 nuisance spots in the city with a public toilet nearby. Once successful, the scheme will be implemented across all public toilets in the city. "The whole motive of the scheme is to popularise the public toilet. We plan to generate revenue through advertising," said a senior AMC official.

The AMC sanitary department plans to advertise the scheme near open defecation sites and even impose heavy fines on the offenders. There are around 300 public toilets in the city out of which the service will be available in 67 public toilets. Most of them are located near slum areas.

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