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Arcot goes hi – tech for garbage disposal
As part of a modern deep underground waste management system (DUWMS), Arcot Municipality (Vellore) is all set for global positioning system (GPS)-enabled ‘smart bins’, connected to a centralised monitoring system. The system, currently in place in six countries – Norway, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Germany, and France - will be implemented in three phases under the Self Sufficiency Scheme of the Tamil Nadu government, at a cost of Rs. 3 crore.

The funds are being taken care of by contributions from merchants, hotel associations and philanthropists (public share); while Arcot MLA, R Srinivasan and an MP, G. Hari are contributing some amount from their constituency development funds, and the remaining amount will be allocated by the government. In the first phase, bins made of linear low-density polyethylene would be installed in 20 spots. Each spot will have three bins — a three ton capacity bin for degradable waste (green lid), a 1.3 ton bin for plastic waste (blue lid) and another one for other waste (yellow lid). Also, 60 per cent of the bins will be underground.

Eco Garb, that is executing the project, has designed the bins such that they are air and water tight to keep bacteria in the bio-waste intact, and keep the place odour free. The sensor in the bin will alert the control room at the municipality office as well as the specially designed collection truck, when the waste reaches 90 per cent of its capacity.

Experts from Latvia based Green World Group Waste Care Solution, who conducted a four day study, suggested putting up 250 bins as the municipality generates 35 tons of waste per day. So far, bins have been installed in municipality wards 3 and 14.

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