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Swachh Bharat at 35 paisa - Delhiite’s gift to India
A Delhi-based executive, Abhishek Marwaha, working with an international travel company in Mumbai, has come up with the idea of portable bins. He has designed them and named them Swachh Bins. These bins have a lid which can be zipped and are especially useful while travelling. According to Marwaha, the Swachh Bin could be a great solution to the genuine problem of drivers while in transit, who are otherwise bound to throw trash like banana or orange peels on the roads.

He also has designed tiny zipped pouches for the paan-chewers. These pouches are meant for spitting into, whenever people chewing paan wish to spit it. These pouches are an option for them so that they don’t make public places filthy. Marwaha has planned to introduce the bins and pouches first in Mumbai. The pouches, available at a price of 35 paise each, will be made available to rickshaw and taxi drivers in the city. Intention behind the initiative is to urge them to keep the pouches inside the vehicles and request them and their passengers to use it instead of spitting on the roads. The pouches could be used only once and are made up of degradable material.

Reportedly, Marwaha got the idea of portable bins when he noticed that the public participation in the Swachh Bharat campaign was not as expected. He pointed out that despite a lot of propaganda, the campaign is still restricted to brooms on the roads. He aims to introduce a change in the people’s behavior and mindset, and believes that channelising the habit of littering can bring a significant change in their behavior. Marwaha chose Mumbai for this project because he believes Mumbaikars are ‘more disciplined when compared to the people from other cities’ and they are known to adapt better ideas and implement them quickly. He intends to complete most of his office work online as he will be required to travel extensively and meet a lot of clients to carry this ambitious project forward.

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