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Chennai soon to light up its streets using waste
A bio-methanation plant, which has been set up by Chennai Corporation, is expected to be completed by December 2013. The plant, which is located at the Pulianthope garbage transfer station, can process two tonnes of garbage per day. While the technology has been sourced from Baba Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai, the energy released by it - equivalent to four gas cylinders - can power about 80-100 LED streetlights for eight hours. Besides, about 100-120 kg of natural manure will be the by product. The plant can process food and kitchen waste including vegetable peels, abattoir, flower and fruit, and agro waste.

Meanwhile, the corporation is planning to construct a plant in each of its 15 zones so that food and green waste collected from neighbouring areas can be optimally used. On the other hand, BARC will also provide training to those who will operate the plant and additionally be associated with the project for one year. Originally, the plant was being constructed on a pilot basis, and the power produced would be used to light up streetlights in the vicinity. The officials are also encouraging hotels and restaurants to set up similar plants since they are likely to generate more food waste.

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